Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch No. 1 and Region 1 Ilocos Conflict Administration and Resolution Ensemble (I-CARE), Inc. conducted an area-wide seminar on 27 May 2022 at Awesome Hotel, San Juan, La Union.

This is the first face-to-face seminar made possible since the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions in 2020. Area-wide webinars were carried out instead in 2021.

Participants close to reaching 150 in total registered for the event, exceeding prior confirmations. A total of 66 companies were represented.

The Branch and the I-CARE were very conservative in the expected number of attendees where estimate was below a hundred. This was considering the minimal availability of public transportation in the region, particularly the bus lines which are operating only on the basis of point-to-point travel with very limited drop-offs.

“We were very glad with the turn-out of participants,” Director Brenda Rose C. Odsey said, noting that the venue got maximized in its capacity. “It felt like they really wanted this,” she added.

“It was indeed a surprise to see that many came for this event. It really showed they wanted this kind of thing done the usual way, that and perhaps the opportunity to move about after more than two years of having been restricted,” I-CARE head Engr. Leonora F. Quarte said.

The seminar featured speakers from the DOLE, ECC, and RTWPB, who respectively discussed the safety seal requirements, DO 233, EC program, wages and productivity. The Branch added a presentation dealing with labor relations entitled “Perspectives and Industrial Peace.”   

Posted : 31 May 2022