The National Conciliation and Mediation Board and the Employees Compensation Commission (ECC) conducted seminar for Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. The event took place at Calasiao Plant & Related Companies Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Calasiao, Pangasinan last April 5, 2022.

The discussion centered on matters of labor union and labor relations. Senior LEO Lester B. Panem shared information on the state of labor unions in the country. Panem quoted a study by UP-SOLAIR on why unions are faced with decreasing membership through the years since 1985. “The inevitable effect of globalization and industrial revolution is something the unions must take into account in their long-term goals,” Panem said.

Additionally, Panem also elaborated on the many areas where labor and management differ in their perspectives. He emphasized how each view things through their own lenses with the likelihood of variation in realities due to filters unique to each.

Supervising LEO Ceasar Cacayuran took on the discussion of unfair labor practices as defined by the labor code. He also went into educating the attendees on grievance handling. Cacayuran suggested revisiting the provisions of each union’s CBAs regarding their respective grievance procedure.  He emphasized the need for a neutral composition of their grievance committee.  Furthermore, He pointed out the virtues of a grievance handlers for effective resolution of grievances by using the acronym “GRIEVANCES”.

“These two topics were born out of the previous incidence of a number of labor issues brought to the Branch,” Cacayuran said, noting that the office is glad the union sought its assistance.

ECC Information Officer Dexter Dupagan discussed the Employees Compensation Program.  He said that ECC Covid-19 benefit for employees who tested positive for the Covid-19 virus while on duty is ongoing while Cash Assistance is temporarily suspended since January 2022. It will resume on September 2022 due of lack of funds but continues to process all applications received last year.  Claims this year would likely wait for their release.

In her welcome remarks, RB1 Director Brenda Rose C. Odsey praised Mr. Julius Calaunan, Union President (CMU) for spearheading this event saying, “This is a rare occasion, uniting CCBPI’s unions into one learning session like this,” referring to the joining of the other company unions from outside Region 1.

A total of 14 Unions benefitted from this undertaking coming from the Ilocos, Ilagan, Pampanga, Sta. Rosa, Canlubang areas and as far as Cagayan De Oro City.-by LBPanem and VLRemular