The Team Sual Corporation and the Union of Sual Power Plant Employees (USPPE) went on to seal the deal for another collective bargaining agreement.

Like three other organized companies concluding their CBA’s, Team Sual and USPPE went through negotiations by online platform. Records obtained through the company’s Human Resource Department show that negotiations lasted for a total of 25 hours spanning five calendar dates. Initial meeting was in February17, 2022 and the negotiation was concluded in March 3, 2022.

The said collective bargaining agreement covers the remaining years of the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Contract of the company until 2024 and will retroactively take effect from 2021. A total of 206 union members will benefit from the deal with a new economic package of not less than P22M pesos.

Updated economic provisions include a negotiated increase, one-time signing bonus, union economic venture, return of 5-day quarantine leaves, training fund, gasoline allowance for union-related official business, midnight snacks, and union leave.

“The said provisions exclude other existing economic provision like the Scholarship Program for qualified dependents of union members,” HR Supervisor Pinky Avelino said.  “As of now, we have a total of 9 scholars which we cover for tuition fees (max of 20k per semester) and monthly stipend of 4k. Every start of the school year, additional five (5) scholars is added in the program’” she added.

Thirteen members of the negotiating panel for the Union included the set of officers and Board of Directors led by Union President Ramir Sison. The management was represented six people headed by Plant Manager Ruben Licerio, including his two AVPs, two managers and one supervisor.

“We had the mutual intention to finish the negotiations ahead of time,” Licerio said, adding the high level of communication between the parties contributed to the smooth sail to seal the deal.

“Both panels were very cooperative,” Sison remarked, noting the parties’ very good disposition during the negotiations.

“The Branch is congratulating the company and the Union for a job well done,” NCMB Director Brenda Rose C. Odsey said. “We are confident that the company will continue its culture of cooperation that has been very commendable throughout its existence,” she added.