A technical assistance by the NCMB Regional Branch No. 1 led to the resolution of a worker concern two days after.

Melanie Valdez, a former employee at a chicken dressing plant through a manpower service provider, approached the Branch on January 9, 2020 with concerns about her 13trh month pay, along with her co-worker Janzen Gapuz.

The Branch, through Desk Officer Lester B. Panem, called first the plant and informed the HR Supervisor regarding the issue. Panem was immediately informed that the delay of the release of their 13th month pay was due to the long holidays in December 2019.

The HR Supervisor gave assurance that she will promptly take the matter with the manpower agency to work on the matter. She asked Panem to give her until January 13, 2020 to release the claims. On January 11, 2020, Panem received a text message from Valdez that she and Gapuz has already received their corresponding 13th month pay in the amount of P6,900.00.