Another Round for Bo’s Coffee

Bo’s Coffee Binmaley is the 2nd coffeehouse of the franchise brand in the region to join the LMC program practitioners in Pangasinan. After setting up the LMC Program and Grievance Machinery of Bo’s Coffee-Dagupan, the NCMB Regional Branch No. 1 went on and set a virtual plant level orientation seminar for the Binmaley house. During continue reading : Another Round for Bo’s Coffee

Deadlock Unlocked

The PANELCO III and PANELCO III Employees Association (PEA) have finally found a way towards actually having to sit down and talk about their collective bargaining agreement. With the intervention of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board, the company crafted an agreement detailing their ground rules to guide their negotiations. Earlier, the Union filed a continue reading : Deadlock Unlocked

The Awesome Story

Everything was practically caught off-guard in March of 2020. Lives, labor, and leisure got locked. As the thought of the pandemic sank into the consciousness of the people, the inevitable also emerged: the nation’s economy began to limp heavily under the pressure of the lockdown. Tourism, if not the worst-hit industry of all, suffered heavy continue reading : The Awesome Story