The National Conciliation and Mediation Board Regional Branch No. 1 is on the move preparing for the 2022 area-wide seminar on May 27, 2022 to be held at Awesome Hotel, San Juan, La Union.

Following the meeting of the Branch with the I-CARE in mid-April, the former has sent out the invitations to client companies in the region, either by electronic mail or door-to-door delivery or both. Confirmations have also started to come in and names of participants have been received.

“We are a bit conservative in our estimate of attendance this time as compared to pre-pandemic years,” NCMB Regional Director Brenda Rose C. Odsey said. Odsey noted that the pandemic alert would have a significant impact to the seminar attendance. “We are hoping for the better, seeing that some confirmations coming from outside La Union have been made.”

The event will feature speakers from DOLE Regional Office 1, ECC, and RTWPB. It is aimed to update companies on what are the latest issuances and other labor-related programs and mandates from the government.

The Technical Services Unit of the Branch headed by Supervising LEO Cesar Cacayuran is currently doing the legwork in the distribution of invitations and accepting confirmations of attendance.