The PANELCO III and PANELCO III Employees Association (PEA) have finally found a way towards actually having to sit down and talk about their collective bargaining agreement.

With the intervention of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board, the company crafted an agreement detailing their ground rules to guide their negotiations. Earlier, the Union filed a preventive mediation case due to an impasse about who shall legitimately compose the parties’ bargaining panel, which happened to be the initial item on the proposed ground rules from the Union.

Director Brenda Rose C. Odsey of NCMB Regional Branch No. 1 settled that prior case. Parties agreed to have any legal counsel sit outside the negotiating room and act as counsel whenever necessary.

The recent deadlock issue dwelled upon the Office Order issued by Panelco III that provides for the submission and presentation of the CBA negotiation results to the General manager and to the Board of Directors for their approval. Further, the management is not amenable that the legal counsel of the Union be included as a member of the Panel for the Union. The Union finds the first issue to be absurd and the second issue to be discriminatory.

Odsey facilitated the agreement of the parties that included the immediate action of the General Manager on instance of disparity of decisions, where his decision will serve as final from the side of management and the reducing int o writing any item agreed by the parties and signed by them.

“We hope that the parties can move forward now that they are past the issues about their ground rules,” Odsey said, noting the double deadlock issue unlocked for the company.