Dingras, Ilocos Norte – The Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative welcomed a team of DOLE attached agencies on March 5, 2020 for a convergent seminar in its main office, this town.

The Branch, along with ECC and RTWPB-1, conducted the seminar for 26 participants that included all satellite office heads and several others from the main office. The seminar was scheduled twice previously but were postponed due to conflicting schedules of the company.

ECC discussed its programs in light of some work-related accident the utility company went through in mid-2019 involving a number of employees. The RTWPB-1 lectured about Green Productivity in relation to the environmental commitment aspect that INEC can do.

Entitled Perspectives and Industrial Peace, the Branch discussed how differences in perspectives exist from the fundamental level, where such exist, and how they affect the labor relations in the company. Different drivers of industrial peace were also discussed, both within and outside the institution. The participants were reminded that the role of communication is vital to the attainment of a unified perspective for the institution.