An employee in a manufacturing plant returned to work following his termination from employment.

Freddie, not his real name, was alleged to have been illegally dismissed by the company according to the report of the Union President, even as he filed a preventive mediation case to the office of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board Regional Branch No. 1 – Dagupan Satellite Office on 23 February 2022.

The Union included in the complaint the issue of Union Busting as Freddie is one of the officers being the auditor. He was terminated on the grounds of redundancy along with other Union members.

At the initial meeting with NCMB Director Brenda Rose C. Odsey, the issue of illegal dismissal with respect to the union members was dropped by the union from the preventive mediation case and shall pursue the same at the National Labor Relations Commission. Freddie’s termination case and the issue of union busting remained with the NCMB.

At the initial meeting, management was asked by NCMB Regional Director Brenda Rose C. Odsey to explain why Freddie failed to qualify to the position he applied to after his termination. It will also look into other vacant positions that Freddie could possibly fit in.

The next meeting saw the Union withdrawing the case following a settlement of the issue between the parties. The Union President said that Freddie has been re-hired by the company and will immediately report to work.